April 16, 2009 at 7:05 pm

I’m going to talk about my fatigue issues rather then overdoing it, because I can push myself to overdo when it is necessary. I’ve gone through three moves in nine months time, packed, unpacked, packed again and I’m now unpacked from my move on April 1st, but will take my time getting organized. This time I was smart instead of saying “ME DO”, I hired myself a housekeeper to help.

I wish I could explain what my fatigue does to me. It is draining. I’m a morning person, that’s when I have the energy to DO and to GO, but by afternoon I’m like a clock winding down. Around three or four o’clock, I want to end my day. I want to sit, take off my ankle boots that work like AFO’S and not get up anymore, not even to answer the phone. That’s when I’d like to be queen for a day.

I wish I knew how to explain what they feel like, but rather then bones or muscles, I feel my fatigue in my eyes. My eyes always feel so tired.