Others like me

July 14, 2008 at 12:26 pm

Donna, I am sorry to say that I don’t qualify on two counts, I am now 60, so too old, and my doctor took me off work at age 53, but I do think I have an important contribution to add in that I wasn’t the timid nurse, nor was I a know it all, but I was a mentor to a lot of student nurses and did a good job with patient education, discharge planning and family counseling. Maybe the title is : ” How I coped with suddenly cidp, no job, and the mental struggles I endured to still feel important in my society.” The useless feeling I have sometimes outweighs my cidp pain and difficulties. But a good guy on this forum said ” never ever give up ” and I am tring to do that. If More ever wants to interview the seniors struggles, I am more than willing to submit my story. Am sure that there are others like me. Emma