ostrich oil

May 10, 2006 at 8:46 am

Hi Kathryn,

I hope your doctors can find a prescription drug to help with your pain. Your drug allergies and additional health problems sure make you a challenging patient.

Ask your diabetes doctor if it is okay for you to take Alpha Lipoic Acid. ALA is used in Europe to fight diabetic neuropathic pain. Sometimes the supplement MSM is helpful with pain too. Fish oil capsules do not fight neuropathic pain but do help with general inflamation. Perhaps additional antioxidants would be helpful – but don’t go overboard on any one such as vitamin C. (PM me if you want the brand name of the antioxidant combination pill I use.) Of course your system is too fragile to experiment with supplements without input from a professional.

Try rubbing in ostrich oil for temporary relief.

Much sympathy in your search for comfort,