Ok, this is scary

January 12, 2009 at 10:34 pm

I see the importance of finding the brand that works for you and trying to stick with it. I find it odd that one brand works and another brand doesn’t.
It would seem more so as a difference with reactions or additives causing issues like headache, nausea and side effects. Perhaps some brands don’t work well because the process’s are different and the antibodies survive differently or something, I would love to hear theory on that.

The scary part to me is how fast this can work when suffering for so long and so gradual of a decline. Then hearing how some it works well on the first infusion and not on subsequent treatments. It goes to show you how fast an attack like GBS can take you down. If it can be corrected quickly it can take its toll quickly as well.

I thought recovery after IVIG would take the amount of time it took to get damaged if not longer. In my case, and I have only had one treatment and I Have gone back in time about 1 year in 1 week. I am amazed and scaired, In awe of the power of the treatment yet just comprehending the dependance on a bottle of liquid to keep me vertical.

I did suffer a severe allergic headache toward the end of the treatment that lasted a few days, then some nausea like I have never before experienced and also the loss of appetite. Still not sure if it was viral or treatment related. Either way, A small price to pay for the gift of strength and power. I can see how depression occurs prior to treatment when you feel sick after getting it.
We’ll see how it goes this week, I am mega optemistic now. Nothing to this point has worked, so I have a boost of hope or a least a step in the right direction anyway on the long, long road ahead.
Just giving you all the blow by blow of my account. thanks–tim–