OK punch biopsies are useful and less invasive for many.

December 28, 2009 at 9:19 pm

The quality of how the procedure is done, and biopsy examined is also key to a good test.

As of two years ago? There was an increasing discomfort in using full sural biopsies for CIDP and other nerve problems as the doing of the biopsy could cause as many or more problems due to infection or loss of function in the biopsy area. Many insurance companies were beginning to stall or deny sural biopsies, and they’ve only begun to consider the skin or punch biopsies to be acceptable practice rather than experimental.
here is a site I found useful a while ago?
url-http://brain.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/128/5/1168-url… hope I did that right? I KNOW there have been further publications on the issue. I just can’t find them for you rite now.
I had a neuro want to do a sural biopsy on me? I BALKED! Big time? Why? Doc seemed WAAY too eager to do it? [Wanted to get some biopsies under his belt for his resume? or WHAT?] And then I’d read that my Insurance mite not cover it? I also felt that as I’d still SOME ‘feeling’ in that quarter? I wanted to keep that ‘feeling’ sort of a HOPE really. That was instinct pure instinct! Turned out after reading lots about the s/e’s of sural biopsies? Instinct was right, for then, and for now.
IF and ONLY IF! It was required to be done to qualify for disability would I consider it!!!! But I don’t have to so, I won’t. But It’d be kind of ‘nice’ to know where one stands: nerve-wise, health-wise, long term wise in the end? The Univ of Rochester RIT did some studies about a year ago dealing with punch biopsies and tracing nerve regeneration. Can’t remember the sources? But it was cool and great stuff, not only for us, but for all with nerve problems!
Ultimately? I’d do Punches, but not Taking of that big NERVE! I WANT to think I can get LOTS better! Even if I don’t? I’ve the option to FEEL if it’s better or not…rather than not at all.
Hope I’ve helped, maybe I’m only confusing things for you.
Hopkins was the place that designed the ‘punch’ biopsy process. Dig deeper and I’ll bet you can find good stuff. Hope and good things!