OK my 2cent’s worth? As ONE who has gone….

August 23, 2009 at 1:27 am

thru it all again?
First off, from ALL I have read….constipation IS a legit anecdotal diagnostic idication? Tho it seems to have ‘disappeared’ from most sources of late? It was there up to the beginning of this year… ????
All I know is I HAD it prior to my onset and also relapse.
Since then I’d fallen and was hospitalized plus surgery.;.. the pain-meds did the ‘stopping up’ number on me big time.
I agree that Fiber One has helped me immensely! While in rehab [where the food was AWFUL!] My DH left me a box and I’d eat that instead. WORKED! But, you do have to drink a lot of fluids? More the better THEN, beware? When it wants to ‘happen’ it’s gotta be a very NOW thing. Since hospitalized I’ve been diagnosed w/an ‘intesntinal’ issue which could complicate things? BUT I believe that it’s a result of the CIDP.
This whole thing is bad enuf for a grown up!!! Your son is far, far braver than I on any level! No doubt about it.
Try the fiber one stuff and there’s even a web site of other goodies like pancakes and things? All I know is that it’s the most painless way to deal with some things than I could have expected!
My gosh I won’t go into the qualities of POOP any more! Hugs!