Ok Mack! Read And Heed All That Has Been Said!

December 20, 2009 at 8:46 pm

I’d had my danged ‘disease’ for 8 months and had just changed neuros on my first CIDP holiday. I actually felt that I HAD to have a live tree, like in my ‘kidhood’ to just smell and see a real sense of Christmas! A good friend and neighbor picked up on this and my present from her was a perfect tree!
I say this not frivolusly but only to not that this friend died this year, and is one of many folks who died this year that I’ve not yet had time to mourn properly for. Due to other medical issues.
Christmas isn’t about THINGS! It’s about caring! Dick and Kedaso have all said valid things and now you should go find out about Medicare supplemental for disabled folks and go and web up stuff and read and learn and FAST! I do believe there are ‘time’ limits from diagnosis to application… so Web up SSDI and translate the details into your situation in your spare time?
Dick and Ken are both right? YOU MUST GO THRU THIS ALL to get to something that works! It’s not like you asked for this condition! Nor did I! But to get to where you can get treatment and not lose all, you must work at it and work hard. You have your brain, put it to work! – Enough…Hopefully I’ve given you and additional shove you need in the right direction!