Ohh I forgot to mention!

December 3, 2008 at 9:52 pm

Hey Tim! Forgot to mention this one and since you know how me and Andy are you might laugh on this one. He is a very impatient person!
A few nights ago he had a bad case of heartburn. So I gave him some of my medicine to help ease the agony.
All day long I heard him gripe about his heartburn! Each time I offered him some Malox and Tums or another med. “Nope” I don’t want anything”
5 minutes later he is moaning and groaning. “Andy!” I got something that will help! “No” Nothing is going to help this!” So I walk in the other room and as usual I say to myself.. …….! Go back in the room and he has that look! Now because he is getting on my nerves I too have that look. The 20 year old marriage look!
Alright! After 6 hours of griping I finally convinced him to try one of my meds. Gave him a Prilosec and two tums. 5 minutes later he happens to look at me and says “It’s not working! ROFL! I look at him with that look and say ” I wonder why!” It’s only been 5 minutes. So he waits and it finally went away.
As soon as it eased up! He went into the kitchen and fixed him a BBQ Sandwich. Now that was bright! Then a half hour later he looks at me and says “I told you that stuff wouldn’t work!” And then I look at him back and say ” I wonder why”
I honestly and personally don’t know how we have survived 20 years! ROFL