Oh Tara!

February 19, 2010 at 8:21 pm

It’s not fun to see docs try not to make distressed faces when reading ‘ones” medical history!
I truly feel for you and your fustrations… First off so many other issues, and then tangents the docs run off on…or not.
When docs ask me about what my mental state is: I always reply–How would YOU feel at this time and all about this? Your body is going on RED ALERT! And you’ve no clue as to what the alert is about – only that something or somethings are not RIGHT!
WAITING for test results is Heck! and worse. It’s awful to say I hope you get SOME diagnosis and not a lot of inconclusives? At the same time…well, you know…
Having a NAME to the primary whatever tho, sure is a comfort. Even if not much can be done.
Hang in there and be fierce and strong to get to the root of it all, IF it can be found!
Hugs and hope always!