Off to a great start!

December 21, 2011 at 2:07 am

Hello everyone – thought I would provide an update!

I am now a month into SubQ – and I am in heaven!!

I read in the IG Magazine that Gammagard was released this summer for SubQ and early research showed that there are little to no side effects. Having used Gammunex for well over 5 years or more – lost count – I always came down with fatigue, headache and flu like symptoms.

I was doing home nurse admin infusions every two weeks for many many years. My problem is finding good nurses in my rural area. Had nurse not flush my port right and had to have my port replaced in August. No more veins left for IVs!

I tried Hizentra last spring but for some reason my body would just not absorp.

So we decided to give Gammagard a try and I can’t not explain how quick and easy this is. I feel so free. I have come so far my early years – in 2000 of having someone drive over an hour to a hospital and sit for a full day of infusion through an IV to this!

I am infusing between 7.5 and 10 grams three times a week. I use a three or four needle tubing set. Draw the gammard into a large pump syringe and put into a freedom pump which I can carry around freely. The infusions take about 45 minutes from start to finish and so far I can do them all myself!

No side effects, head ache, flu, or blood pressure changes. I get a small swelling at each site where the plasma pools under the skin – goes away over the next 12 hours or so. No bruising or marks left behind. Tiny little gauge needles. I have tried both with and without lidocaine cream – really don’t feel the ***** – but the cream makes me feel more secure.

I am not a nurse – but have given the hubby allergy shots and insulin shots to a grandpa.

The best part is that I so far do not feel any highs and lows between infusions – I actually feel like a normal person. sounds crazy after all these years. With by weekly infusions I would have 2-3 days of feeling crappy after the infusion from side effects but felt stronger and less pain – only to have that decline daily until the next infusion.

Now it feels like I am even keel. My only draw back is a teen daughter who can’t stand seeing the tubing and needles! So i have to announce that I am breaking out the medical gear!

One draw back with the Gammagard is that it does require a larger volume than Hizentra. But I just did not tolerate Hizentra for some reason and the Gammagard infuses so nicely that the under an hour infusion time really is not a problem!

Now my new motto is “have plasma will travel!” no more planning around treatments. I have a cool little rubbermaid with my supplies and can hit the road at any time. The Gammagard recommends three year shelf life when in the fridge and 1 year out of the fridge.

Have a great Holiday Everyone!!