Not Posting STC success

October 17, 2011 at 5:03 pm

[QUOTE=jessicah]…I too wonder why some of those people, other than Alice, do not come back and post about their experiences, positive or negative…With that being said, I hope that this forum can continue to be a lifeline for people and I am eternally grateful to the people who helped me.

Honestly, if my wife did not have such a big, kind, open heart I would likely not have shared my experience, for a long time, if ever.

I too, am so grateful to Alice for creating her web page, for providing links to others’ webpage experiences and for ‘hanging in there’ when the going got tough.

Without her input and that of the other STC folks I’ve contacted, I likely would not have learned about the NW STC Program or participated in it.

And, yes, without the feedback of the others how does anyone make a reasonable decision to try it or not?

I have reviewed the Facebook page. In my opinion it is not an alternative to this site.

The CIDP and Stem Cell Transplant Facebook page is for those who have CIDP and who have undergone the transplant.

You need not join Facebook to “Read All About It!” I have not joined Facebook, yet I still can read the success stories.

Blinders? Anybody got Blinders? Whadda I mean? If anybody on this website wants to read STC success stories, go to Facebook and read them.

I Absolutely, Categorically and Emphatically am not aiming my remarks at anyone.