Not Alone

December 25, 2010 at 2:03 am

I know we who are fighting with insurance companies for treatments are not alone and really appreciate the folks who who take the time to encourage. To all of you – Thank You.
From the first refusal 10+ years ago – to being ‘accepted’ and the day I sat in the infusion chair – I took notes. About 60+ pages so far and still going! I try to get everyone’s name, extension, work title, and ask ‘is there anything else I need to know?’ Don’t always get it but I try.
One particularly nasty person who was a ‘resolution specialist’ told me “No, and that’s final, I AM the SPECIALIST”. I told him I’d check my notes and call him back but he refused to give me his extension and hung up. I checked my notes and concluded I was right.
So I again dialed the main number and when the machine asked if I knew the extension I just punched in any old numbers until a phone rang and a person answered. I told her “Oh, I must have been routed to the wrong extension. I’m trying to get a hold of ‘Bob the Resolution Specialist’, do you have his number?” She said, “Sure…let me look it up for you… it’s XXXXX.”
So I called back, punched in Bob’s extension and when he answered and I told him it was me getting back to him with that information he wanted. He said, “How did YOU get this number?!!!” I told him, “You gave it to me, Bob, remember?” He was so confused he actually helped me, told me I was right and we resolved the problem.
I’m sure glad I keep those notes. I can get pretty far up the food chain when I can quote names, dates, use their terminology, and when someone tries to pass me off to the ‘black hole’ of their bureaucracy I’ve had pretty good success at getting the right party.
Its all process oriented, so I learn the process. One person who called me back said she could only speak for three minutes or she’d get in trouble, so I asked if there was a time limit if I called her … “No, there isn’t.” says she and gives me her extension ~ I called her back, expecting a ‘leave your number’ but she answered! and we took care of the problem, no problem.
I’m still working the current problem and don’t know the outcome yet. Gee, if I wasn’t sick this would all be a lot easier.