Normal Aging Effects?

January 28, 2010 at 7:10 pm

I certainly don’t mean to dismiss anyone’s experiences, so please don’t take this that way, but I have to ask…couldn’t your eye and libido concerns simply be effects of aging, and not necessarily related to your CIDP?

I mean, many a comedian has made a joke about male sexual prime being around 18, and women’s being 35-40…about the time men discover they have a “favorite chair”? At 50, I’d bet a LOT of men have periodic ED problems, as well as a lack of desire.

As to the eyes, that seems like it could easily be related or not. Eye dryness, which sounds like what you’re describing as a sandy feeling, is very common in middle age and later. My wife is 50, with no other problems, and has horrible problems with night glare.

The reason I say this all is I’ve suffered with other chronic issues, and know there are some times when things are just “life”. My wife is a teacher, and she sees this a lot with learning disabled kids. The parents want to blame the learning disability for everything, even when the child is just being a normal, lazy teenager.

Again, I hope that’s not too harsh. Maybe it IS all related, who knows?