Norb, I am not gonna be an expert here…

June 18, 2007 at 2:06 am

other than to suggest to your docs get and check your auto-i blood #s again?
Maybe after all the other stuff you’ve had happen, some extra inflammations is rearing it’s ugly head.. Yes! I realize you are not jumping with excitement about a possible other spinal…but raise the issue to your docs… USUALLY
IVIG should stabilize things for quite a while….unless something else changes in your systems.

I recently had both the metabolic and chemical CBP [complete metabolic panel and complete blood panels with some extras to boot…I expect more for other issues in the future…One thing to keep in mind is that the thyroid/endocrine systems are put to a LOT of work with auto-i issues…tho it’s mostly a womens’ issue, it is a worse issue in men[cause nobody thinks of it]. I would suggest you get to a competent endocrinologist, if you haven’t yet…just to see how that all is chugging along. If it’s ‘chugging’ Great! If not, good endos, simply are straight forward and practical…Sputters in this system are either easily [and usually] treated thru meds, or sometimes surgery [THAT is another kettle of whatever entirely tho]

Really, sounds like time for more tests, if the whole progression thing is getting ‘agressive’! That is only because this ounce of prevention could avoid lots of un-necessary cures?

Not to mention the whole concept of ‘progression’ is one that put’s the fear of FEAR in any CIDP’er!

Super good thoughts for tests and resolutions – with a couple of pain free/fear free segments inbetween.