no impact on brain function

May 26, 2007 at 11:40 am

Hi, my daughter (just turned 12) came down with GBS on Feb 7 07. While her case was not as severe (never on vent, etc), she is back to normal as far as mental functioning. She was a little ‘cloudy’ for the first month or so, mainly due to the overwhelming fatigue. She is not physically recovered yet, cannot walk unaided, but we are seeing some really promising signs. She is back in school and doing really well, so I can assure you in our case, and in other cases I know of, there is no impact on the brain. (Aside from, as mentioned, fogginess from fatigue and temporary side effects from drugs).

We’ll be praying for you & your son. Hang in there, and as Dawn said, try to take care of yourself, too.

PS, if you haven’t yet, please request the materials packet from the gbs foundation. More info than you’ll get from most docs. Also, there is a good book on called “Guillain-Barre Syndrome” by Dr. Gareth Parry, neurologist and gbs specialist. It never ceases to amaze me how little the docs/nurses seemed to know about gbs (not all of them, but most were very uninformed).