New York…

March 25, 2007 at 12:26 am

Gene & Brandy,
You people make me really want to see New York City. When we were in our 40s we took all of our vacations in Mexico & Florida, loved staying at resorts & swimming in the ocean. I also loved just walking along the ocean & enjoying the beautiful colors of the sea. Now I don’t dare go there anymore as I know how inaccessible it is & am also afraid of the health care down there, what a mess if I needed medical care, as I am not bilingual.

If I can talk my husband into a trip to New York will someone be a tour guide for us? I don’t even think we would need passports, as I think MN is still considered part of the US? How grand it would be to walk in Central Park, even with a cane. Besides, husband is afraid to leave the US anymore. We just had dinner last Saturday with a young woman from Spain (lives in London) who told us that the Europeans are definitely not fond of Americans right now. Besides, I lived in Europe for a year in my 20s & have never had a desire to go back there. Any offers?