new update on Tim’s care

November 27, 2006 at 7:16 pm

To all, thanks for the responses. The information and encouragement have been invaluable. Today, the insurance company cut off paying the nursing home but the nursing home gave Tim his 30 day notice as required by Virginia law. The law does not deal with who pays and we will fight for this from the insurance company despite having cut him off. However, at least he is safe for the time being and they also agreed that they will continue to give him his therapy. (By the way, Tim was thrilled to tell me he was able to turn the pedal on complete revolution on the bike Saturday. Not bad for someone deemed to have “plateaued”.) We also have news that his doctor has contacted a local rehab hosiptal and he believes they will take him as a matter of “medical necessity”. This hopefully will allow us to appeal the decisions taken by Cigna’s own doctor who, without seeing Tim, had declared that he had “plateaued” and therefore unlikely to recover. Tim will go the rehab hospital on Wedns. for an evaluation. We are keeping our fingers crossed on that front. So all in all today was a good day despite the insurance company cutting off payment to the nursing home. By the way, although we are fighting Cigna, as I mentioned before most of the other carriers also do not give proper consideration for gbs sufferers and therefore the need to fight generally for changes in this regard. Thanks, Richard