New "Thread" on excercise?

April 23, 2008 at 11:04 am

I’m Eric,46 CIDP dx last Sept, affected since a tetanus Booster late May.

Been through 5 day load of IvIg, and two subsequent monthly treatments- keeps getting worse, SSDI claim pending.

First- is ANY exercise adviseable? I know our friend, here, is aMarathon Man, but, my experience is if I doo too much on any day, I relapse? (Yet, my workaholic, project driven personality is making me psychotic!) Anyway, I would urge our “runner” to tone it way down,, and then increase in VERY slight increments, noticing the changes, week by week? (For me, changinmg a tire or riding the Mower or walki9ng Waklmart seems to be my limit- for a former Rugby/Football Player/ Bike enthisiast, this is gard to swallow!)

Second, unrelated- most everyone I’ve come in contact w, who suffers from either of these “cruds”, has had a vaccine just prior to onse, AND, I’m readuing some of you have had some success in Legal Recourse? I’m not a sue happy person, but, if SSA doesn’t come through, I’m in a bad way- has anyione the name of a Good Lawyer, in VA who isfamiliar w the GBS-CIDP/Vaccine relationship? This is something I might well be forced to pursue.

Third- OK, Gamma Globulin’s NOT working- Steroids are losing their effectiveness, and the next step, I’m told is immunosuppressents, like CellCept or imuran, or Cyclospoirin? Has anybody heard or had success qw anytghing more Natural, Homeopathic or alternative? At this point my perscriptions have their own remedial Prescriptions?

Smilin in the Rain,