New Member 31 yrs of GBS

October 24, 2008 at 6:02 am

My story with GBS started a very long time ago. I had GBS back in
1977(nothing to do with vaccine) at the age of 4. Although I do not
remember much about the attack, I have hear the stories from my
parents and read others. Back at the time of my attack Doctors in my
area had no idea as to what was going on with me. I can remember at
the begining before total paralisis when walking was very difficult to
do, the nurses at the hospital would make me walk to the laundry
closet to get clean gowns because I had lost control of my “bodily
functions” I remember them telling me that I was just doing this
for attention.(boy were they sooo wrong) my parents ended up taking
me to the University Hospital about 3 hours away from my home. Which
there the did finally come up with a diagnosis. Which made me the
first child in this area with GBS, and the only other GBS case in
this area was a 27yr old male. So treatment was alittle experimental
as you could say. I did make a full recovery or what the doctors
would call a full recovery. Which of course as many of you know is a
life of pains and aches and fatigue. I think growing up like this
was better for me then if I had this attack as an adult because they
were not limitations- it was just how I was! Doctors didnt know
about residual side effects so, the fatigue was “I was just a lazy
kid”…..the pains and aches in legs, feet and arms…(which were
not every day) were just “Growing pains”. So therefore we quit
asking the doctors about these things and just learn to live with
it. It wasnt until after the birth of my first child at the age of
21 that I did talk to doctor about the fatigue worsening to the
point that I would have to take a nap on my lunch break at work just
to finish the day and then again when I got home. I was told it was
probably “Post partum depression” and was put on Zoloft, which I
only took for a month, because it did nothing for me. My life just
continued with napping at lunch and or napping when I got home until
the birth of my 3 child which resaulted in an emergancy C-section
about 10 mnths ago. Since then the fatigue has worsened again and
the pains in my feet are every day all day long. The leg and arm
pains and aches are every day now. I am 35 now, so it has been 31
years since the attack, Could the surgery have had something to do
with the side effects worsening or just my age….could it be the
start of something else? I have scheduled an appointment with my GP which I have only seen once before, hope she has done her homework!!!

Thanks for listening and any help is a blessing, I feel like a lost
sheep that has finally found its flock.