new here–anybody exercise in water?

March 9, 2007 at 3:44 pm

Hi, my 11-yr-old daughter has GBS, onset about 2-7-07. She cannot walk at all right now, except very short distances with a wheeled walker. (unwheeled type too hard, can’t manage, we tried at PT yesterday). Anyway, she’s made no progress toward walking in a month. I know she is getting frustrated, though she’s got a great attitude. We just found out insurance will only cover 20 PT visits. So she’s only go 15 left! We will pay for more, but at $160+ each visit, along with paying our high-deductible ins–and me missing lots of work (self-employed, only paid when I have hours to bill!)–don’t know how many we’ll manage. Therapist thinks she might be in PT for at least 6 months. Probably more.

So, we are hoping to do sessions of aquatherapy w/ therapist, and then continue that on our own and pay for sessions to check progress. Once we run out of visits, that is. If anyone has any advice or experience with aquatherapy vs regular PT, I’d love to hear about it. My daughter loves the idea of being in the water. She can move her legs, but lots of jerkyness/shakes/instability. Maybe they would work better w/out weight on them. Anything else anyone can think of? Maybe not for right now but when she’s stronger? She is a dancer and it is tough seeing her so incapacitated.