September 9, 2008 at 7:27 pm

my Internal med doctor uses the word neuropathy all the time my neurologist uses GBS. right now i am in a relapse. my hands and feet have gone numb and there is perm. damage in my legs. I wear artificial foot orthotics(AFO’s) on both legs because of foot drop(had release done) I am very discouraged with my prognosis. i am also having some memory problems. just spent two weeks in the hospital one for gbs related medical issues and the other for gbs related psche issues. just had test done and it is showing perm. damage to my legs(no tests on my hands) looks like the afo’s are perm.glad i can come here and vent. the relapse was caused by the flu i had a couple of weeks ago and now my mom has the flu(she is my primary caregiver).