Neurologist in DFW area

September 26, 2008 at 1:18 pm


I was diagnosed with CIDP in March 2008. I am seeing Dr. Alan Martin with Texas Neurology (214 827-3610). It is located at 6301 Gaston Ave.

Dr. Martin was recommended by the first Neurologist I saw. I had been sent to the first Neurologist by my GP. I have been impressed with Dr. Martin and would recommend for your second opinion.

I am having IVIG treatments and am making progress, although painfully slow. My treatments are at the Texas Neurology Infusion Center on Gaston Ave.

I am impressed that your doctor is being so agressive with your dosage. After the initial load dosage I was given only the maintenance dosage for the next two months. I stabilized but did not get better. Since they have now doubled my dosage, I am improving. I wish they had done that in the very beginning.

I have not had any negative reactions to the IVIG. I take no other medications.