Needing Energy From Cidp’s Chronic Fatigue

January 8, 2010 at 1:20 pm

Hi Lillie,
I was facing severe fatigue about a year ago, with this damn CIDP,
having to sleep over 14 hours per day at different times. Since I have advanced CIDP with none of the protocol of treatments working, and have been taking chemotherapy now, (Cytoxan), for almost 3 years now as that was the only thing that slowed the progression, though did not stop it.

My neuro came up with an idea that he wanted to see if it would work. He wanted to try “speed” on me, to see if it would work to fight the fatigue.
He said that since he is not a specialist dealing with the various drugs for “speed”, he sent me to a neuro who deals with sleep disorders, though this doctor knew of CIDP, and what my neuro’s plan was. So, we tried some mild stimulants that did not work. Then I tried Ritalin, and voila–it works GREAT !!! I take 20mg when I first get up in the morning, then another 20mg around 11-12noon, to get me through the afternoon. It works great. I can make it to about 5-6pm, without going to bed. And if I don’t take that 12noon dose, I feel it right away, and end up in bed around 2pm–I wanted to see what it was like not taking it.

I personally will NOT take anything over the counter meds, supplements, or any other kind of “natural” meds, unless my doctor orders it. I do not trust anything, since you often see something might be good, then read later that it is bad. I would rather trust my doctor, and especially that he SHOULD know any over-the-counter drugs being taken.