Need a good neurologist in Central FL

September 12, 2010 at 6:23 am

Hi There,

Glad to hear that Ryan is doing well!

I was wondering if anyone can help with my mother. She has been in the hospital since July 3rd and she is completely paralyzed except for her eyes and tongue movements. The doctors did not test her for GBS or CIDP until I asked them to after a month of her being parlayed. They tested with an LP which confirmed high protein levels in the CSF and started a round of 5 PE treatments over 10 day period. She nodded her head for the first time in over a month and was able to open her eyes all the way. I was so excited! Then they said that treatment was over and she quickly started to decline and within a few days was back to no movement and barely any ability to open her eyes. I begged for another treatment and they said that if she has GBS another treatment should not be necessary. I had to beg to get another round and after awhile the nephrologist said OK to one more only. She got an additional treatments over 10 days and not only nodded, but moved her thumb and one other finger. The doctor’s then said that is all that they would do for her, cleared her from their care, and moved her from ORMC hosptial in Orlando to an acute care facility where she is not seen by a neurologist and has slowly gotten much weaker since her last PE treatment about 2 weeks ago. The doctors told me that nobody gets multiple PE treatments, but after reading your posts I can see that many people rely on these treatments and if they work for my mom then why can’t I find a doctor to give her a chance with multiple treatments. Does anybody know a good neurologist in Central FL? Can anyone help my mother? Please???