Nates Neuro

May 1, 2007 at 2:25 am

Donna, what he was saying is that he notices different symptoms different places in the body with flu shot GBS than other causes of it.
Nate will be going in for Nerve Conduction Studies as soon as we get the appointment. They already got approval from his insurance, which surprises me.
After we see whats going on with that, I will be talking to the doc about what he said. I have a lot of questions.
He seemed to really know what he was talking about when he was talking about the differences.
He asked Nate things that were totally different than Nate’s old Neuro. He had nate doing things with his hands, arms, toes, and fingers. He was checking nerves with his own hands, checking the reflexes in his joints, all kinds of things.
His old neuro never did anything like that. He just kept telling nate “its a long road” and cancelling appointments.
This doc is young, probably under 30. He seems very smart.
He seems to know a lot about GBS.
I am so glad our primary care doc found him. He’s a good judge of a good doctor.
Trudy, natesmom