Nancy Grace

September 7, 2008 at 5:06 am

I have been watching the Nancy Grace Show too about that Caylee Anthony girl and boy is she a trip! Or tripped out on something. Something very strange about that girl! I just don’t see any emotions in her at all! If somebody took my baby I would be freaking out and going to the police the very day it happened.
Guilty or not guilty.. she just does not seem to be too caring over the loss of her daughter. Dead or alive. I would be grieving my brains out. And would be telling the police every thing I knew!
Too me it makes her look guilty! Between Drew Peterson, Anna Nicole and now this Cassie Anthony case! Those have been the good ones watching so far! That Nancy Grace is something else! She’s pretty good! I like watching Glen Beck too! He has some good ones too!! Hope you feel better soon!