October 30, 2006 at 5:59 pm

I don’t wear a bracelet (other than the blue one I ordered from this froum some time ago), but it would be hard to post all of my residuals on a bracelet. But I do carry a medical card in my wallet with all of my medical issues. About what to call one’s illness. I was first dx with GBS on April 4th, 2002. Then the dx was changed to CIDP at Mayo 6 weeks later. But since my illness was arrested by chemotherapy in 2003 (haven’t had any treatments since then) I believe I am now more like someone who has had GBS & was left with residuals, or someone with CIDP who went into remission. I now tell people I had GBS as at least some people have heard of it. If they want to know more, than I tell them I had the chronic form, but I don’t even try going into CIDP as they don’t even want to hear the words for the acronym. But I do feel like I am cheating as I was never totally paralyzed or vented. Is this wrong?