Reply To: Update on Ryan

January 8, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Is Ryan’s catheter a tube that is hanging out of his chest? If so, Emily had one too, called a Broviac, and she too had an infection.

What happens is proper sterile technique was not being used & that is how the infection developed. I would be having a VERY long talking to with that nurse about her proper sterile technique. If you need advice on what that is, just let me know. Also, catheter’s like that need to be flushed DAILY with saline then heparin – not every other day. I had to flush Emily’s Broviac every day & was trained on the proper way to do it.

He will be antibiotics for a few weeks, I’m guessing. Emily was on them for 3 days in the hospital when they did another blood test. She had to wait 24 hours after the test (to see if bacteria grew) and then she was released. During that time she was on HEAVY duty antibiotics, 2 of them to be exact. Then she was sent home & put on antibiotics for 2 weeks. She was fine after that.

HUGS to you all! I know how stressful this is & I’m keeping my fingers crossed Ryan gets over this ASAP & can get back to walking.