Reply To: GBS now CIDP

March 25, 2009 at 1:55 pm

Itis very common to “graduate” to cidp. Kevin was dx w/ gbs and 5 months later ivig again, he was totally down again, still suspected gbs, then 3 months later weak again, finally cidp. IVIG is usually the first course of treatment, a loading dose of 2g/kg. over 5 days. you will have to determine the legnth of time between the treatments through trial and error. Some people as mentioned above also get prednisone. others actually do worse with the steroids. Try to pm Tim, TPJR (sorry Tim, I botched the acronyms) I think he had a not so good experience w/ steroids and has been getting much better w/ivig. When getting ivig, it is important to have your treatments spaced so that you do not have any symptoms between them, if you do, a process has begun and the healing has to start over. Also, it has been mentioned in sobe abstracts that each time a process starts, more/new damage happens and you might not repair that area again. now that you have a dx, you can start ivig for a few rounds and see what it does for you. It may be your miracle drug or you may have to compine with other therapies. Good luck.
Dawn Kevies mom