Reply To: frustrated

August 11, 2008 at 6:49 pm

Hi Janet and FOM,
Sorry you guys are having a bad time. My husband and older son give Kevin the rolling eyes look. Especially when we were in CA and he could not take the 119 degree heat after 9 hours. Glad you guys have here and I hope I never give Kevie the rolling eyes look. He trusts me and tells me every little zap that happens, we have an agreement about doing that. I hope God helps me to never loose my patients and roll my eyes. I would hate to betray that trust and have him feel sad.

About the other medicines, what about that zylamed or something that tim mentioned. Today they just mentioned on the nightly news about sitting in the sun and taking extra D, they even mentioned ms, diabetes specifically. If they knew about cidp/gbs, I bet they would have mentioned it too.
I was wondering, is the anxiety all of the time? My doc gave me xanax when Kevie was first dx and I did not use it because I wanted to be sharp. Well, now when I get in a situation and it gives me anxiety, I go for that xanax. I use it as needed. Who knows, maybe it is just in my mind, or it works?! Hope you guys feel better.
Dawn Kevies mom