Reply To: frustrated

August 11, 2008 at 11:59 am

Fairly Odd Mother….here is a huge cyber hug. Oh how I feel for you! I never know what to say anymore because I am afraid of getting the roll the eyes treatment too. I pretty much don’t tell unless I think it is life threatening which nothing has been of late. In fact I never said a word for about five days last month about the pain in my side. I came downstairs dressed and prepared to head to the ER by myself. My hubby asked what I was doing and I told him where I was going and why. He said why didn’t I say something sooner. I just stood there and stared at him. I think he got the message. (I know he got it!)…and I got diagnosed with shingles!

I tripped last week 3X’s and twisted the same ankle three times. It is causing me a bit of discomfort but I haven’t said a word or told him. I think he is just as afraid as I am some days that this is all coming back. It is easier for him to ignore it than to deal with it. That’s why I come here. No one gets it, but you all do.

Have that cry and then move forward today. Come here and talk and vent. PM me anytime!