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August 9, 2008 at 11:36 am

Cathy, welcome to the family. I can’t tell you much about GBS because I am blessed with its cousin CIDP. I have been reading the posts for the last few years. One thing the struck me was someone saying GBS really means Getting Better Slowly. I know you want your old life back. However, if you push to hard, you can do more harm then good. When I first read you post I did some research on the web. There was one article about recovering form Sensory Neuropathy. I tried to copy the URL but it didn’t work and I ran into some other problems. I just rechecked the thread and realized I had forgotten to post a reply.The URL is [[url]][/url]. Do a copy and past to your browser’s address window. I download the article. I’ll try and send it to you in an email. The file is too large to attach to this posting.

Jim C