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August 2, 2008 at 10:34 pm

Elizabeth, That is Wonderful news that your Dad is home!! It is much better for him both mentally and physically to be out of the nursing home. Wow, what kind of ins only allows for 30 days of rehab for this type of an illness and for someone who has all the disabilities that your Dad obviously has. That just isn’t right!!! Rehab pt/ot is very important, I would get after the dr, get the paperwork done for unlimited pt at least. I know what its like to deal with only 30 days of pt-my Dad was allowed only 40 days, but we were able to get him into another rehab program for a few months just by having the dr fill out the needed forms in advanced, he had a major heart attack in march. After we got him home and going thru the pt and rehab, he is doing very well.
Keep his positive attitude going!!! Take care.