Reply To: Pain Management

May 26, 2008 at 2:33 am

I do hope it goes well for you. The Lyrica/Cymbalta/Neurontin didn’t work for me-if only they did. I also tried Topomax and some other drugs “off label”.Fentanyl patches can be pricey. Ask your doctor about this-mine helped me find the medicines that worked the best for me and my budget.

My physiatrist said if pain meds worked then that’s what he’d give me. Pain is pain. We did get into it some before my diagnosis-I was on mega pain drugs. I had run from the other huge pain clinic with the “leave your message, your birthday, doctor’s name and…” group and very glad I found this guy. Most pain docs here aren’t listed in the phone book either.

The doctors have no idea of what GBS/CIDP are.I have found support on 2 great pain websites. One sends free newsletters and is full of wonderful information- “”.