Reply To: Pain Management

May 23, 2008 at 2:22 am

Yes, I understand about the medical professions fear on “pain drugs”. They are scared of losing their licenses”” I now have to be drug tested by pain doc’s staff.
The physiatrist asked- “When will your CIDP would go away”…….
I replied- “Does MS ever go away??”
It took many long years to be diagnosed and that road was simply horrible. The second time I asked my family doctor for pain meds he sent me to a huge pain clinic without ever trying to figure out why I hurt.To be told by doctors/nurses that I would have to learn to live with this pain. How in the world can anyone even say that to a person???
I am on a fentanyl pain patch and inflammation shots.They did nothing till I was put on IVIG. Thank goodness for IVIG-it helps handle the nerve pain enough for me to have some kind of life.
I wish the best in your journey to find help with pain. Please take a friend/advocate with you to any appointments-it helps having that second pair of ears when dealing with the pain clinics””