Reply To: IVIG – when you don’t know if it is working

April 23, 2008 at 5:28 pm

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU GET COBRA if you can afford it until you get other insurance. Are you switching jobs? A company with a group plan has to take you, but purchasing an individual plan is another story, they do not have to take you. Can your wife get a job at ups or walmart, or anywhere where there is group insurance if you are not able to work? You are only able to get insurance without being denied if you bridge between loss of insurance with cobra. If you are applying for medicaid ssi or whatever, can you afford cobra in the interim so that you can maintain your progress with ivig? Call up gammaguard, they have a program called gamma assist, maybe you could get them to bend the rules regarding keeping record of past ivig use. Have you been in the service? Good luck!
Dawn Kevies mom