Reply To: 2008 – Nascar

March 1, 2008 at 2:41 pm

OK, I am back. I am in the hospital, room 223. I just had my gall bladder taken out. They tried to do it laproscopically, but the gall bladder was too scarred up and attached? to the liver. Anyway I got the big cut from my sternum to the side somewhere. I have a drain tube and lots of fun. No food for 2 days, now just liquids. I need to be in here until I eat real food and get those bowels working. Looks like tomorrow or Monday getting out. Jethro, I tried to e-mail my picks last week, but I guess the address I had was old, it bounced back.

Here are my picks for Vegas ……
1. Jimmie Johnson 48
2. Jeff Gordon 24
3. Carl Edwards 99
4. Kyle Busch 18
5. Tony Stewart 20
6. Mark Martin 8
7. Dale Jr. 88
8. Greg Biffle 16
9. Matt Kenseth 17
10. Ryan Newman 12
11. Kurt Busch 2
12. Kevin Harvick 29
13. Elliott Sadler 19
14. Martin Truex 1
15. Clint Bowyer 07

Everybody do good this week. I hope I am home for next

Dick S