Reply To: Fibromyalgia

February 9, 2008 at 3:58 pm

May I add a word of caution? You are dealing with the body’s communication system. The long term residuals of GBS/CIDP are not well recognized wherefore we are given lots of different diagnosis along with it. I, too, had fibromyalgia (inflammation of the fibers)- or so was told. Hind sight says it was “simply” the GBS. If you do a search on carpal tunnel syndrome, you’ll see that many here were diagnosed with it and had the surgery, much to their regret. In others who didn’t choose surgery it eventually improved on it’s own (as did mine).

My [U]personal belief[/U] is that the docs, as do we, want an answer for every symptom hence so many added diagnosis’. I’m not saying that we can’t have these other disease processes too but I recommend caution.