Reply To: newbie with questions

September 25, 2007 at 5:06 pm

Hi Deannie, Welcome to The Family. No need to apologize for asking questions, ask as many as you have, or just vent when you need to.
I have the vision problems, there are days when I have double vision, or just blurry vision, I have occasional days where I have good vision also. I have the relapsing/remitting type with acute onset, doesn’t follow any regular course. I found I have good days only after I get Alot of Good Rest just before hand. The vision seems to clear up on my good days in between my relapses, not enough to say its back to pre syndrome vision yet though. Fatigue is on the severe side currently, not bad enough to keep me in bed all day, but not good enough to accomplish much around the house either. This syndrome is a very individualized thing, staying positive does help quite abit in some ways. Try to get plenty of rest and see if that helps with your increased fatigue levels and vision problems. Take care.