Reply To: Scared

August 18, 2007 at 10:52 am

Dawn –

I’m sorry that you are having such a hard time. Is there any way that you could get a home health companion to help take care some of the parents? They can come out & cook, clean, take the parents to the dr’s, etc. You could also get a lawn service to come cut the grass. You are simply taking on too much. As mothers & women in general, I think we talk ourselves into being able to help everyone & we put our selves last. That NEVER gets us anywhere. You need to take care of YOU too.

As for what is going on with Kevin, it’s probably just the sinus issues causing all of this. Kids USUALLY present with pain first with these diseases. So as long as he’s not having pain in his feet, ankles & legs…I’d say that he’s alright. The back pain is something to keep an eye on though.

It’s in the hardest times of our lives that we learn who our true friends are. Sometimes though our friends can’t understand what we are going through or it might even be too hard for them to face themselves, so they don’t connect as often as they used to. That’s when you need to find people who can understand & appreciate what your life is like now. Try to find other parents, in your area, who have children of sick kids. Maybe call the local hospital to see if they have a support group.

Take it easy, ok. It will get better.