Reply To: Nerve pain

August 17, 2007 at 4:48 pm


Please, do not think I am a looney, someone else on the site posted about tooth pain just recently and I responded with this info. This is exactly what happened after my father in law had some dental work that faithful day six xrays, all was fine. He reccommended a neuro (hey, you already have one of those lol) The dentist felt it was trigeminal neuralgia, the most intense nerve pain there is. It is the trigeminal nerve located by the temple. The trigger can be from something as mundane as ice-cube chewing, brushing your teeth or dental work. He currently is on high doses of lyrica and has been on meds for the last few years since this started. We occassionally end up in the er, because the pain is so intense. He is admitted because he gets a morphine pump and is usually dehydrated by the time we get to the hosp. because he cannot open his mouth to drink. I am convinced barometric pressure has something to do with his flare ups in addition to stress. We always have a flare up in Spring and around New Years (xmas stress)

Now he recognizes the shocks as precursors to a flare up. So when that happens we know to start oral morphine to aid in the pain and keep him hydrated and out of the hospital. It took about five years to figure this out. One day I just got tired of seeing the same er doc all those times at Good Sam Hosp (Downers Grove) and I asked if we could have a scrip for oral morphine at home when Grandpa starts feeling symptoms. He said sure, that’s a great idea! DUH!!! God only knows why it took me that long to figure it out.

We have not had an occurence since March 07 (right before Kevie was in the hosp) God I hate hospitals!

Anyway, maybe this could be the answer to your questions. If it does turn out to be this, don’t fight the pain. Grandpa Bob would try everytime to sweat it out, and by the fourth day we are going to the er in an ambulance.

Good luck!

Dawn Kevies mom 😮