Reply To: legs tight

December 5, 2007 at 6:00 pm

Is your PT keeping notes on your symptoms from the exercise and how long it takes for you to recover? If not, it would be good if you did so that you can see how much recovery time is needed before you work that muscle group again. Normally 24 hours is enough, but with CIDP, it can take longer so keep an eye on that. I have that tightness too and my recovery time is 2 days so I don’t work on those muscles until I am recovered. The time should get less with therapy. Don’t push!!!! You are doing great and a little at a time is best. You also may be feeling that stiffness as a result of the AFO’s. Just keep track of these symptoms and try and establish a pattern so you can report to your PT and doctors. I hope this helps. Take care and stay in touch.