Reply To: thank you

January 10, 2007 at 2:24 am

To answer your question, yes! Usually it is not bowel blocks, as such. The nerves are not talking to the bowels so they don’t know what to do, hence no peristalsis (wave like motion) to move the contents thru. Then one may become constipated and need assistance. On the other side, things may not digest properly and one may have exceptionally soft stools.

It is easy to forget (or not know) that most everything which happens in the body must be assisted by the nervous system. If your bladder nerves have been affect then you will have those issues.

For me, when I have ‘over done’ and become to tired I’m usually not surprised when I have a flare of anything :p

Since you previously had colon cancer it adds another demension to what may be going on in your body. Besure to check with your physician.