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July 9, 2008 at 11:17 pm

Hi Ih48, Welcome to The Family. Yes tearing is familiar to me, still comes and goes with relapses and over doing it for me. Don’t do Botox, it could cause more problems, why take the chance. The tearing will slow down as you recover. During my paralysis events(5) my face has been involved in 3 of them. One time my eyelids wouldn’t open for 2 days. I also had eye twitching for about 1 month prior to my first paralysis, it turned into tearing about 1 week before the night I went paralyzed. Tightness in the extremeties was also there for me and still occurs with relapses and fatigue.
Keep a positive attitude and it will help your recovery. Residuals might stick around for quite awhile soo don’t get discouraged. Take Care.