Reply To: confused

March 25, 2009 at 10:53 pm

Hi Kathi,
Some people do have a normal spinal. The ncv/emg will show slowed velocities and conduction blocks. Short explanation, how fast your nerve responds when it get jolted. The problem is those results can be with some other issues as well. For instance Charcott Marie Tooth which was one of our 2nd dx. until we had the spinal to rule it out. what the nerve biopsy will show is if there have been other demylienation episodes. It is called onion bulbing, each layer represents a new demylienation process, like peeling away the layers on an onion. It really isn’t used all that much any more because some people have difficulty healing from it, others do fine. I do know of a person here who tried all sorts of treatments for a cidp dx that were not working who had the ncv/emg results but no spinal result after a year or so, they did the nerve biopsy and it WAS NOT cidp per the biopsy. So if you have no other answers, it may be an option. Cheryl, angel2ndclass has recently had a skin biopsy, maybe you could pm her to see how it works.
Good luck, Dawn Kevies mom