Reply To: medi-port

June 9, 2006 at 12:51 am

I just read in the most recent magazine “IVIG TODAY” on the three kinds of access-port, under the skin (stomach) and the hand/arm IV method.The surgeons wanted to put me to sleep for the port-haven’t heard of the simple “shot in the chest” procedure.
The infusion nurses are rather upset with having to find a vein each visit.It’s hard on us both. I’ve had over 70 IVIG infusions in 12 months. Would have been more but the shortage of it put me on “hold” a few times.
I have found myself wondering recently about getting a port now….doesn’t look like my treatments are going to be less for quite a while.
I would get the chest port not the arm one-too easy to bump.
Good luck.