Reply To: Recovery??

June 4, 2006 at 2:06 am


Good to hear from you again. The first word in CIDP is Chronic. With most people (80%) there is a relapse-remitting cycle of a sort. Some people are as frequent as three or four weeks apart. I do recall someone who had CIDP, recovered with no symptoms (or very little residuals). And then 8 or 10 years later, had a relapse and is going through it again. They say that 5% of CIDP patients have a spontaneous recovery, and aren’t bothered again. The other 15% are chronic progressive, meaning that symptoms don’t go away, just get worse.

I am glad you are improving. I guess the first step would be to lengthen the interval between IVIG and lower the amount you take. Hopefully there would be no ill effects. As recovery continues, your myelin regrows and things get closer to normal. Fortunately you will be able to recognize the symptoms of a relapse, and get prompt treatment. That is the most important thing for good recovery, prompt treatment.

I hope for the best.
Dick S