Reply To: Scared

August 17, 2007 at 5:50 pm

Dawn, I’m sorry I’m just now finding this thread. It really doesn’t sound like a relapse from what you stated. It sounds like he overdid. I have exactly the same problem when I overdo. I feel so tired(especially in my legs). My pain also increases. It’s very likely his back hurts because he pulled it at the water park. He needs to rest for a few days(sometimes it takes me over a week to recover). I tried to ride my horse and it messed my gait up for 2 weeks and I hurt!! He may also be sick from a sinus infection. If he is not felling better now I would suggest a visit with his regular doctor for some antibiotics.
When I got GBS I had to let go of my take care of everybody mentality. As Kevins Mom you need to ask for help from your family.It is not a weakness. It is necessary. You sound exhausted and everything always seems worse when this happens. Also, Kevin is at the age he can do more for himself. Enable him to take on more responsibility when he feels better. He will become stronger for this. And you really need some YOU time. Dawn you have been so supportive of me and it makes me sad to see you so stressed. Oh, also for the insomnia try neurontin. It makes me sleepy and helps with the leg pain.Benedryl is also helpful for imsomnia and will help his sinuses to boot. Thinking of you , Shawn