September 8, 2006 at 4:44 pm

I was a mild case and I was diagnosed a long time after I had got it yet they treated me with the same treatment that they do for GBS before they came right out and told me that I had GBS. Actually the medical doctors refused to believe I had it at all and whenever I said I had it they would say who told you that you have GBS and I would tell them that it was the neurologists that told me. So while in hospital I was at war between two sets of doctors one that said we can’t find anything wrong with you to explain what is going on. While the neurologists said that I had GBS, aand that I needed to get some physsio and treatment to be able to start recovering and that the only cure was time. It was at this time while all of this was going on that I found this web site. The doctors who didn’t know what was going on thought that if they put me on prednisone that it would cure me. It did nothing for me and so after being on prednisone for 2 and a half months at a dose of 60 milligrams they finally took me off. I developped temporary diabetes from it and a beautiful moon face toi go along with it. The neurologists diagnosed me by doing the nerve conduction studies that showed that I had nerve damage and also the way that things presented in the physical exam. At first they thought I had made all this up in my head and released me when I first presented symptoms as I had been on lithium for bi-polor and my lithium levels skyrocketed and I began seeing and hearing things that weren’t there, though at the exact same time I had lost feeling to my legs from my knees down on both legs. After two days in emerge and two on the ward they still didn’t figure out what was causing the legs to be paralysed but thought that it was psychiatric. So they released me. My psychiatrist got me in the psychiatric hospital about 2 days later and He told me straight to my face that what was going on was not psychiatric and got me to see the neurologist the next week when she did her time at the hospital there. After seeing her she got me readdmitted to the same hospital the next day and was astounded that they had even let me go without doing any tests. She immediatly doing treatment and it was IVIG and they explained that there were two treatments that were out there but they thought IVIG would be the best course for me. This stopped the progress of the paralysis and made it so that only my legs were affected and parts of my hand and a little patches all over my body but eventually that went away, thank goodness. I was happy as I am smoker and I was grateful plus I also do alot of painting and drawing and artwork and I am gratful that I had a mild case. I got GBSS on April 3 2005 and it took a long time for me to get better, I started to get better and then circumstances came in that halted everything and set me back to square one. I still can’t feel my feet or my ankles or around that area but at least it is lower than where it was. It used to be right up to my knees. I have to wear AFO’s because of foot drop which happened immediatly after I got GBS. I am working hard just to walk and that I am doing that best I can. Tthe first symtoms that I recall haaving is the inablility to feel my legs it was like they were pins and needles and that they just wouldn’t go away and then it just went numb. I think what started it was possibly the flu that I had just had. But there are so many factors that could of caused it I can’t know for sure.