My Spinal Tap Funny Eppidural story.

August 26, 2008 at 4:32 pm

Its Funny now but it wan’t then. I was in the ER on Christmas eve. bad enough. the doctor who was doing the LP was like a fill in or something. I had this bad feeling right. So he knumbs me up, puts the curtain on. I am in a brand new little mini hospital called Westfield. Started by a doctor who does eppidurals, pumps and all kind of Pain Mngt stuff, so I thought it would be cake. Not.

the Doctor didn’t seem real confident, so he starts pokin a #23 needle in me. and can’t get through the tissue. 5 pokes later he leaves the room and let me in the fetal for over an hour. Finally I get pissed, get up with the gown on, grab my clothes and sneakers, poke my head out of the room and start tip toeing to where my wife and daughter are waiting. There is like nobody in the place cause of Christmas.

Then the Pain Center Doctor who Built the faciltiy come in wearing a business suit and asks me what the heck I am doing and where I am going. I tell him the doctor doing my LP doesn’t belong doing this and that I am OUT of Here.
Apparently the Temp doctor called the Boss and the owner of the Hospital center. this guy has stuck more people than an acupuncture tech.

We started over, the Man with the golden hands got the juice right out. He was really good. What an experience though.

Word to the wise, Don’t get a LP on Christmas eve. All the good docs are off drinking egg nog.